Add Robots
Workers own your robots!

The Idea

We start with the provocation: why can't workers own their robots?

No reason, except right now it's too complicated and expensive for them to do it!

When you work backward from the idea that workers should own rather than fear robots, you end up making different choices.

We started down this path in 2016 after repeated disappointment that the tech industry was hell-bent to replace all workers without even the slightest moral flinch.

What we've built is a new kind of motor that is a USB 3.1 Type-C Android peripheral. (Steppers today - BLDC and actuators coming.)

When you plug these motors into Android they get data, 100W power and cloud control over the USB cable.

We don't have all the answers, but after a bunch of work, we have a good idea of what it should be:

Stupid simple

Inherently cloud-controlled

Inherently communal with effortless remixing just like Scratch

Primarily Javascript (with options for any language)

100% open: software and hardware

Mix-and-match parts that are cheap, and user-reparable

Based on "previous generation smartphones" to keep the cost down and deal with the environmental problem

Durable and rugged

Owned by the community

Platform Technical Details

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